Why Work With Mission Construction, Inc.?

We are Focused, Organized & Dedicated to Outstanding Results

At Mission Construction, Inc., we care about our clients and are focused on providing them with outstanding project results. Projects are proactively managed with our team of proven suppliers, vendors, and consultants with whom we have developed trusted relationships.

We provide experienced, dedicated leadership and are committed to achieving quality results within your established time frames and budgets. Our staff has the knowledge and the drive to provide solutions, systems, and schedules to achieve success.

Organizational collaboration is a key aspect to project success. We believe that working in teams, with a clear understanding of each other’s roles and under one organizational brand, helps us gain a competitive advantage over our competition. Although each contributor has their own style, we provide a consistent brand to the market. As project volume dictates, we are able to distribute the work appropriately within our organization because we utilize the same systems and workflows. We’ve found that, not only does this provide for a better work environment for our associates, but we are also able to provide key information, problem solving solutions, and quick information as our clients run require.


Safety is an important part of our success. Your job site will be monitored to ensure all safety guidelines set by the client, OSHA, and Mission Construction will be met. With an experience modification rating under 1.0 and 100% compliance with Browz (www.browz.com), we continue to exceed safety requirements. Our staff and vendors are continually educated through monthly safety meetings, jobsite lunch box refresher courses, and job site inspections. 

Value Engineering

We engage our project team early in the construction process to gain the most value possible. Value engineering is all about providing our clients with the most cost effective solutions to their construction needs. The Mission Construction team will work with you to develop the best project plan for your needs, your budget, and your schedule. Contact us to discuss your project. 

Unparalleled Customer Service with Full Reporting

We take our responsibility as commercial general contractors very seriously. Should a challenge arise, we want to be a part of the solution—it’s our responsibility! Our project call sheets include all contact information at project kickoff.

Written Work Scopes

Ever felt like you weren’t sure what you were buying? Maybe there wasn’t time to pry for information to make you comfortable with the bid? We have….and didn’t like it! Our proposals will clearly define the work scope and clarify expectations. We want you to understand all the moving parts of your project. 

Detailed Schedules

Start and end dates are important, but what about the milestone dates in between? Mission Construction, Inc. works tirelessly to understand your targets and to maintain them on the overall schedule. 

Daily Field Reports, Meeting Minutes & Regular Updates

Have you ever been on the phone working through a challenge and wish you could see a picture of a proposal or a location? Ever spent time wondering if an item was completed or a particular vendor arrived to the site to keep the project moving? With daily progress reports via email, regular updates via your smartphone or other device, and detailed minutes from every meeting, you’ll always be in the know and up-to-date.

Detail Cost Tracking & Documentation

We know how important it is to track the budget on your project. That’s why Mission Construction doesn’t wait until work is completed to compile cost implications, and instead provides detailed budget reports all along the way. 

Closeout Package

Oops, disaster in the break room! What type of flooring was that, again? Don’t wonder or search—simply reference the closeout package you received from Mission Construction at the end of your project. We include everything from HVAC balance reports to product maintenance to finishes. We make it easy to find it later!

Get Your Project Done Right with Mission Construction

Submit a request for proposal or contact us to discuss your construction or renovation project. You’ll quickly see why so many clients choose to work with Mission Construction for industrial and commercial projects large and small.