Retail Tenant Improvement

Mission Construction, Inc.’s experience and professionalism allow us to address the unique aspects of the retail sector head on.

It’s not just a project, it’s a relationship!

We believe clients looking to open their first store, look for a valued partner to ensure their future success gets started off on the right foot. We want to earn that business!

If your firm has one location and is looking to expand, give us a call! As with many of our retail clientele, we do not just build one location. Through hard work, we earn the opportunity to build several! The partnership develops turnkey processes that are utilized to gain economic and schedule efficiencies. This also helps to provide brand consistency that many of our clients require.

Renovating common areas?

Many times, retail projects involve access or work that overlaps with common areas. Mission Construction, Inc. works well with developers and property management to ensure all requirements are met. Job site safety and cleanliness for occupants and their customers is of utmost concern. With an open remodel, for instance, we work tirelessly to ensure all the necessary steps are taken to keep all parties safe, in and outside the store!

It may not be new, but the phone works too!

Sure we utilize the latest in technology, but we also utilize the tried and true. One way to make retail build outs successful is to get to know your supply chain. In a world of electronic communication, we understand that interpretation of the message can be compromised. It may not be new, but we use the phone to develop and work with our vendors, no matter where they may be located in the United States. We found this gives our clients the best value and overall project outcome.

Will my new space hold up?

High foot traffic can wreak havoc on a retail space. As with all projects, we provide only the highest quality products and craftsmanship within budget and timelines specified by our clients. Should a challenge arise, we put our service and maintenance team to work. Let us help keep your brand intact!

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