Legal Tenant Improvement

Atmosphere is key!

Highly professional atmospheres call for highly professional commercial general contractors. Since the inception of Mission Construction, Inc., clients have called on Mission Construction, Inc. to keep their law firms looking sharp! Bringing our vast experience and supplier network, our projects are delivered with quality, high end finishes within the budget and timeline our clients have communicated.

We enjoy the opportunity to put our business suits on!

Many times a partnership is involved in the decision making process. No problem! Let us put our business suits on, come in, and get to know you! We want the project principles to be comfortable that our team has vetted the details and is presenting the entire package, from bid to close out. After all, commercial renovations are an investment in your business’ future.

Our style of construction brings together the project team to ensure that security, timelines, and cleanliness considerations are addressed from the outset. Mission Construction, Inc. will run detailed, professional, and agenda driven meetings so our clients can get back to their clients!

As in commercial construction and many other industries, our legal clients have time sensitive aspects to their business. We understand and work to ensure the client has what they need to keep operations moving forward during construction. Our history of strong client relationships was built on this philosophy!

Mission Construction will make your construction project a reality

If you are a law firm looking for the right construction company in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or beyond, then Mission Construction is ready to work for you.

Because of our customer service, professionalism, and quality work, a multitude of businesses have come to partner with Mission Construction, Inc., no matter the job size.

Contact Mission Construction today or submit a Request for Proposal to get your project started.