Construction Services

The words “Construction Services” can mean many things.   To us, we think of it in two ways.  1. Construction 2. Service.

Achieving project success comes from knowing construction as well as knowing how to integrate high class customer service into the process.

Pre-Construction and Design-Build Services

Although a successful project is rewarding, we want you to walk away from it with a fantastic experience. We judge ourselves on both criteria! Working with Mission Construction, Inc. means you are working with a team of professionals dedicated to the construction process, whether you come to us for pre-construction services or design-build services, or both!

Pre-Construction Services

Planning, budgeting, value engineering and other procedures are extremely important for ensuring that your project goes off without a hitch. Our thorough and proactive approach helps to minimize the stressors that can arise during a large-scale construction project.

Design Build Process

In the design build process, we work very closely with stakeholders such as designers, engineers, subcontractors and vendors to ensure that everyone is completing their part of the work in a timely, budget-conscious manner.

Service Work & Maintenance

We provide service and maintenance work without significantly disrupting your business. Through meticulous record keeping, we’re able to anticipate future work and take proactive steps to make repairs before problems arise.

Contact Mission Construction Today

No matter the type of service you are looking for, our commitment of delivering high quality results never waivers!  We offer flexibility to our clients who may need a portion of the construction handled or all of it from start to finish. Contact us today to get your project started.