Tom Ward, Vice President


Tom is a Vice President and Project Manager on our team. Tom handles client relations, business development, and strategic planning.  Tom’s favorite part about general contracting is interacting with our clients and helping them solve problems in pursuit of excellence in their fields.  In Tom’s opinion, there is no problem too complex to solve with proper planning and active listening – our clients know what they need best, it is our job to convert their descriptions to a tangible construction product.

5 Things to Know …

  1. Enjoys spending his weekends with his wife at the family lake cabin
  2. Has been playing golf since he was 6 years old and is still exceedingly average
  3. Is very proud of being voted the Most Outstanding Graduate of 2012 by the NDSU CM&E Dept. Industry Council
  4. Loves to travel with his wife and experience different cultures
  5. Watches the entire Star Wars series at least twice a year