Quincy Pedro, Field Superintendent

Quincy Pedro – Field Assistant


As Mission Construction, Inc.’s Field Superintendent, Quincy’s time is filled being on the front lines of our brand. Keeping job sites organized and clean is a key aspect of Quincy’s valued contribution to our company. He is someone you can always count on, regardless of the time of day — he doesn’t sleep much! Away from work, he doesn’t stay in one place too long. Active with his family, you can find him motoring from one activity to another!

5 Things to Know…

  1. Has more energy than anyone on the planet!
  2. Has five kids that range from 22 months to 20 years old
  3. Considers himself a sweets connoisseur
  4. Diehard Minnesota sports fan
  5. Devoted father and husband who spends all his free time with family